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Our event programme for 2021


We are pleased to share with you our events for this coming year, until the Summer.

Due to the current restrictions we are not able to meet in person at the moment, therefore all our events will be online.


January - Friday the 22nd, 7pm to 8pm

Dante Alighieri Society Agm

Our annual AGM where we will update you on the Society and our events, as well as elect the board.

Venue: Online (The link to join us will be sent via email)

January - Friday the 29th, 7pm to 8pm

The Divine Raphael. An illustrated talk in English by Dr Michael Cefai

Raphael is one of the undisputed masters of the High

Renaissance style in Italy. The range and quality of his artistic

achievements are celebrated as the pinnacle of Italian

Renaissance art together with his contemporaries, Leonardo da

Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti. 2020 marked the 500 th Anniversary of Raphael’s death in 1520. This short presentation takes a look at a few of his celebrated works 

of art.

Venue: Online (The link to join us will be sent via email)


February - Friday 5th, 7pm to 8pm

Italian popular film genres, An llustrated talk in English by Dr Gianluca Fantoni.

Dr Fantoni provides and overview on the WWII Italian genre films, which were for many years the backboone of the Italian film industry. Enjoy clips of melodrama, swords and sandals, sci-fi, spaghetti westerns, polizieschi and more.

Venue: Online (The link to join us will be sent via email)

February - Friday 19th, 7pm to 8pm

Dante in musica. Concerto su pianoforte, by Giulia Olivieri.

Young pianist Giulia Olivieri, from Matera in Italy, will perform a piano concert to celebrate the "Sommo poeta" Dante Alighieri.

Meeting ID: 873 8769 4426

Passcode: 390450 )


March - Friday 19, 7pm to 8pm

Il V canto dell’ Inferno. A play by Carlo Porru and Paolo Cimino.

The V Canto of the Inferno is one of the most celebrated and famous of the Divine Comedy.

A fascinating play, with music, to discover Dante's masterpiece.

Venue: Online (The link to join us will be sent via email)

March - Friday 26th, 7pm

Dante Alighieri on quest of Paradise. An Illustrated Talk in celebration of the 700-year anniversary of Dante’s death by Caroline Clarke.

The quest for Paradise is the quest for consciousness, writes Jungian analyst Helen Luke in her book Dark Wood to White Rose: Journey & Transformation in Dante’s Divine Comedy, but in order to discover the light we must first encounter the darkness. This dark night of the soul is where Dante’s Commedia famously begins. The journey that follows is universal. It will lead us to the very depths of hell, and then onward, if we survive, to the great Mountain of Purgatory, to a cleansing and purification of our souls in readiness for the great ascent to Paradise and to heaven’s bliss.

Venue: Online (The link to join us will be sent via email)


April - Friday 9th, 7pm to 8pm

Musica di Sardegna e d’ Irlanda. Music Concert by Italian group Glee's

Join us for an evening of music from Sardinia and Ireland with the Italian music group Glees.

Venue: Online (Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 884 9258 3389

Passcode: 539045)

April - Friday 30th, 7pm to 8pm

The city of Turin: An illustrated talk in English by Dr Diana Bretherick

Dr Diana Bretherick is a writer, former criminal barrister and criminologist. She is the author of two historical thrillers set in nineteenth century Turin featuring one of the city’s most famous inhabitants, the world’s first criminologist Cesare Lombroso.

This talk examines the city of Turin, its history, culture and cuisine as well as the dark and 

turbulent past that inspired the novels.

For more information on the work of Dr Dian Bretherick, please visit the following website:

Venue: Online (The link to join us will be sent via email)


May - Friday 19th, 7pm to 8pm.

"Prima di The Lord of the Rings, prima di Game of Thrones: Dante e l'Inferno". An illustrated talk in Italian and English by Professor Domenico Palumbo.

Italian - Domenico Palumbo, professore di letteratura e lingua italiana presso il Sant'Anna Institute a Sorrento, Italia, ci accompagna in questa interessante presentazione del viaggio di Dante attraverso l' Inferno.

La presentazione è in lingua italiana con le note in ligua inglese. Un ottimo esercizio per praticare il vostro ascolto della lingua italiana.

English Domenico Palumbo, professor of literature and Italian language at the Sant'Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy, takes us on this interesting presentation of Dante's journey through Hell. The presentation is in Italian with the notes in English. An excellent exercise to practice your listening to the Italian language.

Venue: Online (The link to join us will be sent via email)

The book: For more information on the book, please visit the following website -

The Sorrento language school: 


June - Friday 11th, 7pm to 8pm

Experiential travel. An illustrated talk in English and Italian by Maura Mattana and Alessandro Picciau”.

In recent years, experiential tourism is emerging as one of the favourite formats for people to get to know a place.

So the era of touch and go travel ends, in which travel is fast and leaves no time to truly savour the atmosphere of the place.

Experiential tourism focuses on personal experience.

Tourists come into direct contact with local people, share experiences with their travel companions and take the time to get to know the beauties of the place.

It is a way of traveling that is often also referred to as conscious tourism, as it teaches to respect the environment and to observe and appreciate the present moment, without haste.

Today we want to explore the meaning of this term, its advantages and the different possibilities it offers.

Venue: Online

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 834 1733 6515

Passcode: 382107

June - Friday 18th, 7pm to 8pm

" The Bourbon King " - The story of Carlo III , the bringer of fame and fortune to 18th cent. Naples. An illustrated talk in English and Italian, by Prof. Francesca Bratley.

Of all the foreign powers that ruled over Naples, since the Normans, the

Bourbon King Carlo III was the first ruler to break centuries of hardship and misery. Rather than being a tyrant like his predecessors, Carlo fell in love with the people and their city.

He spent much of his immense fortune in creating a new kingdom that provided work and hope for its inhabitants. His 'grandes oeuvres' can still be seen today.

His arrival signalled an explosion of Music and the Arts, of Architecture and Engineering and of Social Reforms.

Venue: Online

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 824 5100 8580

Passcode: 327006

We hope that you have enjoyed our events so far. We will now take a break and look forward to seeing you again in September.

Thank you for your support and have a lovely Summer.

October 2021

Friday 15th October at 7pm.

La Torre Pendente di Pisa. An illustrated talk in English by Anthony Keyworth.

The Dante Alighieri Society of Loughborough and Nottingham are happy to weclome you for a presentation with slides about the history of the Tower and how British and Italian Engineers worked together to save it from collapse.

Venue: Online (The link to join us will be sent via email)

October 2021

Saturday 30th October - 7pm unitl,11.30pm


Festa Italiana. An evening to celebrate Italian cusine, food and music, all together.

Let's meet again.

Join us for a 3 course italian meal with a welcome glass of prosecco and live music.Bar available to purchase your drinks.

Booking essential: £15 (details tbc)

Venue: Fearon Hall,

October 2021 - Date TBC

The figure of St Joseph in Renaissance Art. An illustrated talk in English by Dr Michael Cefai.

Pope Francis has proclaimed this year (8 December 2020 to 8 December 2021) for Catholics the “Year of St. Joseph”. Dr Cefai will guide us through some fascinating works to celebrate the Saint.

Venue: Online (The link to join us will be sent via email)

November 2021

Friday 12th November at 7pm

Dante in Paradise . An illustrated talk in English by Caroline Clarke.

The Glory of Him who moveth everything, penetrates all the Universe, and shines

more brightly in one part, and elsewhere less. Within the Heaven which most receives His Light

I was; and saw what he who thence descends neither knows how, nor hath the power, to tell;

for as it draweth near to its Desire, our intellect so deeply sinks therein,

that recollection cannot follow it. As much, however, of the holy Realm as in my memory

I could treasure up, shall now become the subject of my song.

Canto 1 Paradiso

Some say Dante was more than poet, that he was a mystic - that his Commedia was a Divine Revelation - that he really did glimpse paradise, like other renowned mystics of the Middle Ages.

It’s a fascinating possibility – but not all agree.

Join us as we follow him as he soars with his beloved Beatrice beyond the edge of time to heaven’s highest heights - to the final cosmic vision & blissful union with God that he describes for us on his return.

Presented by Caroline A. M. Clarke

All welcome


Playlist for full series

Venue: Online (The link to join us will be sent via email)

More events coming up soon.


Would you like to organise an event for the Society?

Just get in touch here.

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