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Italian Classes for adults 

 New Courses from September 2022

Italian classes for adults endorsed by the Dante Alighieri Society. To book or to request further information please contact Gianluca on 07738438680 or email [email protected]

Italian Classes for children

New Courses from September 2022

For Italian classes in Loughborough we endorse the classes organised by Alessia Beneventi. The teacher Alessia Beneventi born and raised in Italy has been teaching Italian for 25 years and has always been passionate about Italian literature. She says:  "I have always thought experience of the children in their first years of life, which

are crucial for their development are at the center of our vision. Play is extremely powerful tool for children (and adults)that's why we use the Montessori Method".

Please contact Alessia for more information:

[email protected]

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